Your nervous system decides how you see the world


Your nervous system is regulating every other system in your body including how you see the world.


If you are feeling constantly wired, on the go, busy minded, unable to stop or relax, tense or stressed your nervous system might be stuck in the sympathetic mode. You might feel speedy now, but later this leads to adrenal burn out and extreme fatigue. Stuck in the fight/flight/freeze/fawn means that a stressful event arose, and your nervous system is still reacting to it. That stressful event may have been years ago, and since then so many more little micros traumas have been backing up to be processed.


In the mean time, blood flow to your reproductive system, digestive system and actually all the digestive organs is running at minimum to prioritise BEING HEIGHTENED. This also means you are likely burning through the yin energy (cooling & healing) and perhaps even your jing (constitutional, irreplaceable creative energy) that is key to the life force of your body. These energies together are like a precious elixir of life that cool, ground, and restore. They need to be preserved for important tasks like sleeping, dreaming, creating children and keeping you from getting sick.


The building blocks for stress hormones are also the building blocks for the other important hormones that have you feeling patient, steady, safe, calm, empathetic, aroused, and that communicate to your brain, belly and the whole being to tell the body what’s going on. To start feeling this way, you are going to need to start repairing your nervous system.


It’s time to change gears! And drop out of overdrive and into safe mode. Into the part of your system that digests the world, listens, restores, sits still, and rests. We have formulated this Adrenal Restorative for such the task.


+ Ashwaghanda

+ Reishi mushroom

+ Mucuna


Stay tuned for ways you can use this product in delicous ways tomorrow!


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