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Chicken Super Soup Recipes

Here’s how to use our MOVE & REPLENISH HERBAL SOUP MIX in your cooking at home. This is a recipe for a chicken soup, but you can omit the chicken and add in what veggies you love. This makes a powerful stock for your slow cooked meals and soups and will be helping you recover after giving birth, to balance out heavy periods, and to replenish blood stores in times of deficiency.   Just turn the slow cooker on in the morning, and the nutrients will be very easy to digest by night which saves you energy when you’ve deficient and helps those who are immuno-compromised or have digestive issues.   Lightly fry onion, garlic and organic chicken legs in...

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Medicinal Mushroom Chia Pudding Recipe

What we love about our Medicinal Mushroom mix is that is can be used as food. Food as medicine is so much easier to integrate into your life, as you just cook it into you food and gobble it down. Mushrooms are some of those interesting organisms that really are hard to say if they are herbs or foods. We say both!

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Ginger Bread Cake

We love ginger at the Nimbin Apothecary, as its one of those herbs you can grow yourself at home here in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Ginger warms up the body, improves your digestion, whilst simultaneously calming things down.

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